McKesson Pharmacy Production Line Lead in Cheektowaga, New York

McKesson is in the business of better health and we touch the lives of patients in virtually every aspect of healthcare. It starts with the chain of events you initiate when you work with McKesson Pharmaceutical - a chain that extends across the country and results in millions of people getting more from their healthcare.

As the leader in pharmaceutical distribution and supply chain management, McKesson Pharmaceutical delivers vital branded and generic pharmaceuticals, as well as over-the-counter products, to more than 40,000 customers in three primary segments: retail chains, independent retail pharmacies and institutional providers such as hospitals, health systems, integrated delivery networks and long-term care providers.

We base our distribution excellence on electronic order processing, asset management tools, a commitment to Six Sigma methodology, order accuracy and supply chain safety. We work with our customers on solutions - including supply management technology, world-class marketing programs, managed care and repackaging products and services - that help them meet their business and quality goals. Our entire team works to ensure patients receive their medications efficiently and begin the process of healing.

As the nation’s largest pharmaceutical distributor, US Pharmaceutical is committed to driving total pharmacy health for customers and ensuring that customers receive the right drug at the right time, every time. This commitment is underpinned by McKesson’s focus on providing customers with the industry’s highest product availability, intelligent ordering capabilities and unmatched service accuracy.

Join our team of leaders to begin a rewarding career!!

We invite you to view this informational video on pharmacy central fill operations. This is a great look in to our environment and how McKesson is contributing and revolutionizing our growing industry!

Current Need

Full Time Nights - Sunday through Thursday 2:00pm to 10:30pm

Schedule can also be a series of 4 10hr shifts and is subject to change based on business need. Flexibility needed.

Position Description

The Pharmacy Production Line Lead position is a very important role here at the McKesson Central Fill. It can also be referred to as a "Lead". There are multiple different areas where your skillset/ experience is much needed, and expected, in order to keep the heart of the operation running correctly. Our goals will be working together as a team; Leading with our ICARE/ ILEAD principles.

You will receive a training guide of topics highlighting the necessary information you will receive during the LIT (Lead In Training) program or when your first few months in the Line Lead role are complete.

Some expectations are to Effectively Manage the following key areas:

  • Daily Tracking Numbers Manage Futures

  • Lockouts/Pharmacist Lockouts OT Assessment

  • Specialty Sign Off Sorting Wave Swaps

  • Announcing Breaks/Lunches Stuck Orders/Looping Orders/Cancel Codes

  • RPH Check In Scale Reset/Troubleshooting

  • Swapping Toner/Changing Shipping Labels Parata Troubleshooting

  • Line-ups, Watching Accessing the CCC

  • Offline Jobs EON Line Cleanup

  • Sorting Catch Up Open/Starting Production/Prepping the line

  • Line-ups, Writing End of Day Mail

  • Removing pucks from the line Navigating NDC Master

  • Zeroing out Kalish Canisters/Adjusting Parata Cells Scan Log Research

  • Queue Controller Running Your Own Shift, Alone

  • Mail Queue Controller

A more detailed look at what will be trained/ expected throughout the phases of learning:

  1. Overview – order of apps, workflow, key points (PV numbers, Cappers, Jam Points, Teaching how to use Admin App, Release times)

  2. Specialty sign out – Logging each specialty item and ensuring packout process is followed

  3. Lockouts – Unlocking packing stations after an error has occurred

  4. Announcing breaks / lunches. – Use the bullhorn to communicate breaks, lunches, and the decided overtime amount to the employees

  5. Off line jobs – Getting acquainted with and staffing employees with the offline jobs

  6. RPH Check In – Communicating with the Pharmacists as much as possible to assist with any issues

  7. Tote count Sheets – Preparing the final electronic Tote Count Sheet and emailing the proper channels

  8. Sorting catch up – Recognizing when it is needed and adjusting staff to accommodate for a large amount of sorting work

  9. Queue Controller Numbers – Identifying anomalies in the Queue Controller Numbers and adjusting to correct

  10. Mail Queue Controller- releasing orders, setting the current queue numbers, and when to stop dropping mail

  11. Super lockouts – Correcting Pharmacist lockouts

  12. OT assessment – Recognizing the need of and determining how much overtime is needed to accommodate the workload for the current day

  13. QTY Pucks & adjustments – Adjusting the amount of pucks and boats on the line to keep ratios

  14. Line Ups – Writing daily Employee Line Ups

  15. Resetting the VLC/Troubleshooting the vial labelers

  16. Zeroing out Kalish canisters (when canisters are stuck in counting status even though they are empty) and swapping out Parata cells (EON, especially, when certain cells haven’t reach replenishment point but need to be swapped out with the one on the shelf.)

  17. Replacing broken Parata cells – Using the admin utility to swap out broken Parata Cells with new ones

  18. EON line cleanup – Efficiently making sure all orders are not stuck in statuses at the end of the night

  19. Sorting/ Tote Closeout issues – Making sure all orders get sorted for the day

  20. Opening/ Starting Production – Using the opening checklist to prepare the production line each day

  21. Prepping the Line – Starting the line before the production shift arrives to allow easy streamline into workday

  22. When to drop Wave B- when work is running out from Wave A and there is still some time before Wave B will drop on its’ own

  23. Dropping futures – Identifying gaps in workload and dropping futures to fill those gaps

  24. Start of day Mail – Opening Daily Manifests, Adjusting for mail workload

  25. End of day Mail – Making sure all mail is sorted and ready for shipping

  26. Scale Reset / Troubleshooting – Identifying and resolving possible scale issues.

  27. Access the CCC to divorce boats when they are not reading in the 30’s

  28. Stuck orders – Identifying orders that may be lost, stuck, or corrupted and knowing what to do in each circumstance

  29. Looping orders / Cancel Codes – Understanding the areas of the production line where orders might be stuck in a certain status and on the wrong area of the production line. Canceling orders with the proper codes to ensure proper communication through enterprise to Wegmans

  30. Navigating the NDC master to see if “Out of Inventory” is truly out of stock.

  31. Scan Log Research, Cancels in Sorting Spreadsheet – Using the Wegmans_Arc shortcut and navigating through the logs to find information

  32. Missing bulk orders at the end of the night

Some additional expectations of you will be to assist supervision in planning and organizing work assignments for employees, set up and run production line, monitoring for bottlenecks, labor balancing and technical issues, assure employees adhere to safety guidelines and SOPs, and communicate consistently regarding operational success and issues with managers and employees.

The expectations outlined are set up to pave our success within McKesson and provide excellent service to our customer(s). As we Lead The Way our efforts within our roles and responsibilities defines both McKesson’s and your future.

Minimum Requirements

4 years distribution experience

Additional Knowledge & Skills

Thorough knowledge of Material Handling issues; Basic reading, writing, addition and subtraction skills


HS Diploma or Equivalent

Physical Requirements

Ability to perform lifting (weight varies based on product)

Benefits & Company Statement

McKesson believes superior performance – individual and team – that helps us drive innovations and solutions to promote better health should be recognized and rewarded. We provide a competitive compensation program to attract, retain and motivate a high-performance workforce, and it’s flexible enough to meet the different needs of our diverse employee population.

We are in the business of better health and we touch the lives of patients in virtually every aspect of healthcare. We partner with payers, hospitals, physician offices, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies and others across the spectrum of care to build healthier organizations that deliver better care to patients in every setting.

But we can’t do it without you. Every single McKesson employee contributes to our mission—whatever your title, whatever your role, you act as a catalyst in a chain of events that helps millions of people all over the globe. Talented, compassionate people are the future of our company—and of healthcare. At McKesson, you’ll collaborate on the products and solutions that help us carry out our mission to improve lives and advance healthcare. Working here is your opportunity to shape an industry that’s vital to us all.

McKesson is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer – minorities/females/veterans/persons with disabilities.

Qualified applicants will not be disqualified from consideration for employment based upon criminal history.

Agency Statement

No agencies please.

Job: Distribution Operations

Organization: McKesson Pharmaceutical

Title: Pharmacy Production Line Lead

Location: New York-Cheektowaga

Requisition ID: 18005719